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M/s. Dev Forwarders, a complete logistics service provider. Services  include Customs Clearance (Sea & Air), Freight Forwarding and Container Transportation.

At Dev Forwarders, We’re committed to providing a peace of mind and a harmonious living for our clients, by providing reliable and prompt service in their Logistics.
Logistics can be pushed to cover up any delays in production / procurement. Hence our team Is always quick off the mark to profoundly respond and deploy respective team accordingly.
Established in 2013, DF now has offices in Chennai, Tuticorin, Krishnapatnam, Tada, Guntur, Mundra & growing.

- strive to offer quality service with safety & on-time delivery.
- carry out our works with Integrity & ethics
- reliable logistics partner to our clients.

- protect our clients from any inconvenience related to supply chain.
- single source of logistics solutions
- constantly expand and improve service in innovative ways to cater & meet client’s growth and success
- continuously invest in people, Processes, system, training, infrastructure & technology to accommodate growth smoothly.
Our companies policies, procedures & Practices are framed for the satisfaction of our clients, resulting in a long term relationship.

We have been in the shipping industry since 2013 . In our experience we have handled numerous General box, ISO tankers, flat track containers, reefer, over dimensional cargo(ODC), open top container, one door open containers, Air Shipments. We have well trained and efficient staff who can work for you round the clock. Our operation team functions 24/7 at CFS & Port.

Dev Forwarders is applying new rules for success. Good basic service is no longer enough. We believe in continuous incremental improvement -- raising the bar, each day, every day. We understand that with all the technology that surrounds us, this is still a people business. We cultivate relationships not only with our customers and carriers but also with our fellow team members. Every great company, every great brand and every great career has been built in exactly the same way -- bit by bit. If every element gets a little better every day, then that organization or that person becomes unstoppable. An organisation which builds that kind of momentum will soon evolve into a market leader.


We have our in-house CHA licence issued by the Chennai Customs. We have dedicated staffs for each process, enabling them to be experts in their field of work. We work without any time restrictions to meet the requirements and deadlines of our clients.

Our ethical working culture has earned us a good reputation in Customs, which contributes to the smooth clearance of our shipments.

We do clearance for all types of cargos such as Agro, Frozen Foods, Minerals, Automobile components, Machineries, Electronics, Chemicals, Garments, Hazardous Cargo etc. 

  • Sea Shipment

  • Bonding Shipment

  • Air shipments

  • ODC cargoes

  • Break Bulk

  • Warehousing

  • Hazardous cargo

  • Personal effects

  • SEZ

  • LCL cargoes

  • Perishable cargo

  • 100% EOU

  • Project cargoes

  • Reefer


We have contractual rates with all major lines. We have a dedicated team for Freight Forwarding. We do regular container booking in all lines, this helps us to be updated in any change they have incorporated in their system or procedures from time to time.

We are very prompt in manifest filing, BL releases, vessel schedule / Cargo arrival update to the client. 


We started our transportation division in the name of Param Trans with our own trailers to cater the increasing logistics requirements of our clients.

Dedicated transport team managing our 30 plus trailers.

All our vehicles are brand new with GPS tracking system for precise location update & delivery time to our clients.

Our growth has ensured the growth in the number of our vehicles, year on year.

Vehicles in our fleet ; 20' Trailers , 40' Trailers , Semi Low-Bed Trailers, Low-Bed Trailers , 50' Trailers 

Our Special Clients

Our Locations

We will expand our locations as per our customer satisfaction.

Tamil Nadu

Chennai Port
tuticorin Port.

Andhra Pradesh

Tada Port
Krishnapatnam Port
Guntur Port


Mumbai Port


Mundra Port.


We are Thankful to all our clients who all have been more like a business family rather than a corporate client.

We are really fortunate to have such an opportunity to co-partner with them and grow mutually.

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude will always reflect in our daily approach and correspondence. 



ZIP - 600 034.
Tel. : 044-4861 0448 (Chennai)
Tel : 0461-400016 (Tuticorin)
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